New Year’s Eve at The Secret Society for “Horns & Halos: An Afterlife Masquerade”

The Saloon Ensemble and LoveBomb Go-Go Marching Band bring you an EPIC Celebration of Judgement Day @ The Secret Society! Last year was “The End of the World.” Now, you have arrived at the Pearly Gates. Will you cast into Heaven or Hell at the Hour of Judgement? Only you can decide if you were a spirit of angelic good or demonic evil as we move into the afterlife…

It’s the Cheapest and Wildest NYE party around!!!!
Simply wear your beautiful Horns or Halos (It’s almost like a HornHaluerade)! Or, if you’re so inspired, go all out with your costume! And, as always, wear your fanciest angelic or demonic underwear (Angel on top, Devil underneath?)…. It just may have to all come off!

There will be a stairway, Jesus and St. Peter, epic sing-a-longs, and all the most awesome booty-shakin’, stompin’, swingin’, and hard-rockin’ devil/angel/heaven/hell songs from Earth, with special ghostly appearances by the likes of INXS, Hendrix, Elvis, J. Giles, Charlie Daniels, AC/DC, Radiohead, Spinal Tap, Nelly, Sarah McLachlan, and countless Other-Worldly surprises fully SaLOOnEd for your pleasure…Champagne Toast Included!LED Horns and Halos available for $5 purchase @ show!!!

Doors @ 8pm
LoveBomb Go-Go Marching Band (Angels) @ 9
The Saloon Ensemble (Devils) @ 10:15
Judgement @ Midnight

Advance Tix $20 @

Tix $25 @ Door Night of Show

www.secretsociety.netEverything New is Old Again! What do you get when you mix original members of MarchFourth Marching Band, Trashcan Joe, Sweet Juice, Karaoke From Hell, and The Libertine Belles? When you take the most popular music of past 40 years and perform it with the swingin’ ‘n’ stompin’ style of the 1920’s? Then, you mix in crazy and comedic originals with unlimited and unexpected outrageousness? You would get The Saloon Ensemble! – And we’re going all-out for New Year’s Eve’s “Judgment Day” Celebration. This anti thumpa-thumpa acoustic ensemble includes banjo, electric guitar, bass, washboard, accordion, drums, and, of course, the legendary boot-stick known in all cultures as the “ZOB.” This is the friends&family gathering you’ve been looking for!! – Complete with Dancing, Sing-a-Longs, Debauchery, Tap-Dancing, Pearly Gates, Devils, Angels, Hell-Casting, Stripping, and many other delightful surprises!LoveBomb Go-Go Marching Band call themselves “Intergalactic Marching Freaks from Outer Space.” They are primal, orgasmic, and extremely well-dressed. Their music is raw, on the floor, and up-in-your-soul with unexpected brilliance, playing Middle Eastern, Balkan, and many other groovy, cross-genre flavors. With mostly all-original music, founders Mars and Bhajan have re-defined the contemporary drum ‘n’ brass phenomenon with amazing flare, pulse, originality, and delivery. They have been marching band connoisseurs themselves for literally decades performing all over the country, Black Rock city, and neighboring galaxies. LoveBomb is the most exciting explosion in Portland to date. Having recently played Bumbershoot 2012 and with Rebirth Brass Band, they have dazzled many a wide-eyed sweaty crowd with their highly unique and electric magnificence. Catch ’em while you can.